What’s On! Salomon Freestyle Grom Camps 2015

Do you want to hit the slopes all summer long?

It was long said that the money in skiing was all about racing, and not freestyle. The times have now changed. With slopestyle athletes such as Jenny Jones, James Woods, Aimee Fuller and Jamie Nicholls paving the way, British snowsports are catching like wildfire. Let’s hope it won’t be long before we see even more British names up there in the top skiers and snowboarders of the world.


Looking to social media where videos, photos and the like are constantly shared, it only takes a search of “GoPro” to come across some of the best footage and photos you’ve ever seen; bluebird skies, fresh powder, ace conditions and the chance to show off your slopestyle skills. What more could you possibly want?

Freestyle Skiing Abe Kislevitz Freestyle Skiing Abe Kislevitz
Source: Abe Kislevitz


Since the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014, the nation has seen a surge in people of all ages taking up snow sports, both freestyle and racing. Indoor ski centres have quickly adapted to this and have now been hosting dedicated sessions to freestyle riding, providing greater access than ever before to beginners or folk that simply want to shred all summer long.

Salomon, one of the leading outdoor sports brands, has invested in freestyle snowsports in the United Kingdom. Their Salomon Freestyle Grom Camps are running once again this summer with training sessions around the country.


Keeping prices at a low £30 for 2-3 hours of riding, they’re accessible to anyone and everyone that wants to give freestyle a go, or improve their skills under watchful eyes. With prizes from brands such as Salomon and Oakley on offer too, it is a truly great option to pull on your boots and hit the slopes. Sure, they’re not the Alps, but that’s why Ski Total is here – to provide you with the awesome scenery come Winter 2015/16 when you’ve had your share of indoor practice in the summer.


Dates and Venues

21 May ’15     Chill Factore, Greater Manchester       7-9pm    
26 May ’15     Tamworth Snowdome, Staffordshire       7-10pm    
18 Jun ’15     Chill Factore, Greater Manchester       7-9pm    
11 Aug ’15     Tamworth Snowdome, Staffordshire       7-10pm    
08 Oct ’15     Chill Factore, Greater Manchester       7-9pm    
27 Oct ’15     Tamworth Snowdome, Staffordshire       7-10pm    


For more information, head over to the Salomon Grom Camps website.


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