Verbier Snow Report, 02 Mar 2010

Snow Boarder in VerbierThere was a big dump of fresh snow on Saturday followed by clear skies and sunshine on Sunday and Monday which has made this weekend’s skiing excellent. The off piste has been great too.

At Verbier 1500m, snow depth is approx 30cm. At 2200 the depth increases to 160cm. Right at the top at 3300m another increase to 185cm of snow.

The heavy snowfall through the nights and clear skies and sunshine throughout the day, the slopes here in Verbier have been in excellent condition and have been very popular.

There is plenty of fresh powder for everyone to enjoy. Low temperatures have also meant that the pistes are in excellent condition, especially off piste, where the powder is in amazing condition for keen skiers to explore.

With this weather set to continue throughout the week, there should be good visibility and fantastic fresh pistes for everyone to enjoy.

The good weather is set to continue through out this week with more snow forecasted towards the end of the week, which will help top up the popular bashed pistes. Temperatures look at be same at around -1 at the bottom of resort.

Everyone has been talking about the excellent weather here in Verbier and great the skiing has been. The pistes are very popular at the moment and many of our guests have commented on how great their holiday has been so far.