Val d Isere Snow Report, 25 Feb 2011

Val dIsèreSnow depth at top of ski area:     128cm of snow on the upper slopes

Snow depth in resort:                       56cm

Since our lovely dump on Sunday and Monday, there has been a few extra little sprinklings to add to the enjoyment of the piste! It was a long awaited dump and it hasn’t failed to disappoint! I was given the opportunity to teach my colleague how to snowboard yesterday, so we spent the morning pottering around the baby slopes in resort before she decided to call it a day due to her sore posterior! This is were i made the conscious decision to go blast around the pistes as fast as possible before the lifts closed, i managed to cover quite a bit of ground, and all the pistes feel lovely under plank; fast when straight lining it, grippy while turning and forgiving when catching and edge! I must admit to their being a few clouds, but today the sun is splitting the mountain and i can’t wait to get out on the piste to take guests hosting, i feel it’s going to be a memorable one… i just hope my group is fast!

Today and tomorrow will see a nice break in the clouds with sunny skies, but still a bit of a chill in the air so remember to slap on the suncream, it doesn’t just protect against the sun but helps against the cold. Saturday night will the clouds closing in with and estimated 10cm of snow in resort… perfect if you’re just about to fly out and join us!

It’s coming to the end of the busiest week of the season and i have to say i’ve rather enjoyed the hustle and bustle of the city center, there have been quite a buzz in the air and the weeks events have not disappointed. Tonight sees the floodlight dual slalom race open to all those brave enough to compete… it should make for an excellent night’s entertainment.