Our Top 5 Ski & Snowboard Movie Trailers of 2016

With the sun (finally) shining down on us in the height of summer, it may feel like we are a million miles from the ski season, but here at Ski Total HQ, this is one of our favourite times of the year: Ski Movie Season!

With the latest cinematic offerings from The Alps, Andes, Rockies, Himalayas and beyond coming out in September and October, more and more trailers are being released right now. We’ve put together a list of the top 5 that we are most excited about:

1. Here, There & Everywhere – Warren Miller

With his first skiing film having premiered in 1950, Warren Miller is about as synonymous with skiing as the smell of freshly melted wax, or less fresh smelling woollen socks…

His films have always focused on the cinematographic beauty of the mountains alongside humour and his distinctive narration, even back when ski films were more focused on rock music and fast lines. Each year they make a fantastic watch, and are a great way to get pumped up for the season and this year’s offering doesn’t look like it’s going to be any different…



2. The Fourth Phase – Red Bull feat. Travis Rice

As you would expect from a production from Red Bull, the trailer for The Fourth Phase looks epic, incredible and beautiful.
Travis Rice, as ever, brings his other worldly riding ability, alongside his somewhat spiritual outlook to give a movie that is more than ‘just about snowsports’.
Well, we’re ready to clip in… maybe not at the top of some of the peaks in the movie though.



3. Pleasure – Level 1

Possibly less well known than some of the other production companies in this list, Level 1 are still very well established, this being their 17th Annual film. It looks like it’s going to be a super-fun film, but still with some completely mad off piste lines…
A few spills with the thrills though – at least it reminded us to sort our winter insurance!


4. Ruin and Rose – Matchstick (MSP)

Sherpas Cinema really changed the Ski Movie game a few years ago when All.I.Can. was released in 2011. It was the first film of it’s kind to really push the boundaries of what a skiing and snowboarding movie could be – exploring challenging debates such as global climate change, all whilst demonstrating some incredible cinematography and stunning shots.

Ruin and Rose from MSP seems to be very much following down this line which can only be a good thing. The trailer itself it pretty remarkable – not even showing a hint of snow or snowsports until over a minute in. Don’t let that put you off though, once it gets going…

Speaking of Sherpas Cinema, we haven’t seen anything from them this year…watch this space!


5. Tight Loose – Teton Gravity Research

TGR – another of the heavy hitters of the snowsport film industries can always be trusted to give you video evidence of some of the most unbelievable extreme skiing and boarding of the last winter – with just a little fun and immaturity thrown in too.
Be your own judge, but the trailer for Tight Loose doesn’t look like they are going to disappoint. We’re betting the great Kaleo tune in the background will be played by every apres-ski band worth their free beers too…