Top 5 Holiday Destinations in France

Ferry To France

Enriched in art and culture France is one of the top and popular European holiday destinations and is known for cuisines, wine, museums and many historical monuments attracting visitors from all over the world. Having a pleasant weather round the year, France offers a number of locations to the visitors from which they can choose according to their preference.

Below are the top five destinations in France where people usually like to hang out on their vacations. After crossing the Channel with ferry to France, the travellers proceed to their desired destinations. Those wishing to relax can go for a calm and quiet location to enjoy their vacation and those looking for active holiday can choose locations that offer variety of things to see and do during the break.

Paris, known as the city of romance, is one of the most popular destinations in France. People can visit the amazing Eiffel Tower here and take a view of the entire Paris from the top of the tower which is simply wonderful. There are also a number of museums like the Louvre, Le Arc De Triumphe and Notre Dame. Staying in Paris can be very expensive, so staying at an outside place and visiting Paris from there would be a more economic option for the visitors. Disneyland Paris, located in a suburb called Marne-La-Vallée, also known as Euro Disney is another top attraction in France. The destination is easily accessible by car or air travel.

In the South West of France Biarritz is a beautiful location with historical significance and boasting unique attractions like a museum of chocolate and museum of sea animals preserving seals and sharks. The place is easily accessible from Paris via the high speed TGV and offers many good hotels and ccommodations on the sea.

For the ski travellers, France is a popular destination as it has many great ski resorts with wonderful chalet accommodation and little shops, offering variety of other entertainment too for the whole family. One of the most popular ski resorts in France has been the Chamonix where people come over the year to enjoy ski breaks. The place is accessible by car, ferry and shuttle buses.

One more wonderful location in France is Bordeaux, located in the South West part of the country. The place being a popular location offers a number of accommodation for the travellers and has great historical attractions like the Croiseur Colbert, a large battleship and it is also the place of botanical gardens with a large lake and St Andre Cathedral. Flights and bus trips are available for travelling to this location.

People who don’t want to restrict themselves within a particular destination can go for camping to enjoy fun and discover many unexplored regions of the country for which the most convenient option is car rentals, now available from many places including the French airports.