Tips for booking a group ski holiday

We know organising a group ski holiday has its challenges, but at Ski Total, we’re here every step of the way to help ensure your trip goes smoothly.


Here are our top tips for getting everything sorted and remaining stress free!

1. Start the conversation early! The earlier you book, the more likely you are to get the chalet or Chalet Hotel that’s perfect for you (and better savings you make!)

2. Focus on the priorities – you’ll go mad trying to tick all the boxes. Figure out what’s important and stick to that criteria. You can’t please all the people all of the time!

3. Too much choice can be a hindrance! Narrow it down to 2/3 options before opening it up to the group. Or make the decision with a couple of friends, before putting it out there; “Here’s what we’re doing, are you in or out?!”

4. Give everyone a date well in advance of the real deadline to confirm/pay you their balance – create a sense of urgency, it will always take longer than you think to gather the funds.

5. Test your invitation to a couple of close friends first so they can you know if any information is missing.

6. Be aware of everyone’s ability – if there’s one beginner amongst a group of advanced skiers, it’s going to be a very lonely trip for them! You want to make sure there is a good mix.

7. Liaise with the reservations team on accommodation details if you’re travelling in a big group, in order to allocate rooms in advance – it will be manic when you arrive at the chalet all fighting over who goes where!

8. Don’t try and stick together all of the time – do your own thing in smaller groups and arrange to meet later for après ski fun and the sharing of tales from the piste!

9. Book extras in advance – save time (and money) by getting your lift passes and equipment hire sorted before you go.

10. Relax and have a fantastic time! Once you’re out there, the pressure is off – take your organiser hat off and go with the flow.

Thank you to every group leader who rallies the troops and books with us for an unforgettable holiday!