Sunshine, Polo & Bubbly

The final of the BMW Polo Tournament took place in Courcehevel this year (31st January to the 3rd February) and what a great event it was! Taking place on the runway of the 2000 metre high Altiport of Courchevel’s high-altitude airport, making it the highest polo tournament in the world just adds to the ambience. We sent Chris, one of our resort staff to enjoy the sunshine, watch some polo and drink some bubbly…

chris finish

It’s a beautiful Saturday afternoon in the French Alps, Jordan and I are sitting in the local bakery sampling pre-packed panini’s and discussing what celebrities we could potential see today at the BMW Polo Masters. Life is good. I was wishfully thinking that we would be bump into Kanye West whereas Jordan went down the royalty route and predicted us sharing a glass of champers with Harry and William. Time was ticking on and before long we had to head up to the Altiport.

After a 10 minute journey we arrive 2100 metres up in the mountains and are instantly graced with a well groomed Polo venue. The course itself was surrounded with many tents offering up complimentary champagne, sushi and truffles. For the benefit of this blog we understandably had to try everything that was on offer. It’s a hard job at times! We sat back and enjoyed the Polo, sipping Bolinger in the sun whilst trying to understand what exactly was going on. Luckily, the rules of the game weren’t a prerequisite to enjoy the day as an English speaking commentator was also in attendance which kept the crowd up to date.

The environment was perfect for people watching and taking in all of the different demographics of Courchevel. Sadly we did not meet any celebrities or royalty during our day at the Polo but did have a fantastic time. The resort of Courchevel is a beautiful place and free events like this compliment it perfectly. The BMW Polo Masters was a thoroughly enjoyable event for the families to watch and provided a great opportunity for children to see some incredible horses. The Masters tour happens every year in Courchevel and Val d’Isere so be sure not to miss it next time around.

Chris Donovan – Ski Total

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