Sud Tirol – ‘Taste for Skiing’

Sud Tirol Cooking Masterclass 1

When asked whether I would like to go to a ‘Taste for Skiing’ event hosted by the lovely people from Sud Tirol, I jumped at the opportunity (when they mentioned cocktails I somersaulted!). Not only were we going to be wined and dined by these fabulous Italian hosts, but 2 star Michelin chef Norbert Niederkofler was going to be there cooking us some incredible teasers from the Tirolean mountains.

I did fret a little bit when I saw the word ‘Masterclass’ on the invite, as this could only mean one thing, I would have to roll up my sleeves and participate in that C word, that unlike cocktails, is rarely used in my vocabulary…Cooking.

We arrived in London at about 7:30pm at a venue that could not have been more perfect for the occasion. Appropriately named, the Ice Tank was a room of pure white; white walls, white ceiling, white floor all adjoined seamlessly making you feel as though you were milling around in a snazzy ice cube.

The Canapés flowed throughout the evening with a fantastic theme that really got you in the mood to talk Sud Tyrol! Each dish was designed to give you a taste of the Mountains, including delicacies such as Venison Tartar and White Fish Tartar, both representing the animals of the forests. Dessert was a heavenly apple sorbet, reflecting the impressive apple orchards across the Sud Tyrol region (11 types of apple and over 12% of all European apple harvesting comes from this region.)

pastaWe moved down to the ‘Masterchef’ style kitchens where we spent time learning how to make a delicious pasta and Sweetbread dish, whilst some of the opposing teams were mastering the art of cooking Octopus.  After a tense 30 minutes in a bustling kitchen, fuelled by wonderful Italian wine, our dish was complete and ready for the judges to critique.

We were more than delighted with the results, coming 2nd and winning a gorgeous beanie hat which I shall be donning this season (hopefully in the Sud Tyrol region!)

The wining and dining, as well as the production of many types of food and drink here in Sud Tyrol, is a big thing. The quality is of the utmost importance with the region being a ‘trailblazer’ in Europe after introducing its corporate ‘identity seal’ for quality food products. With food being something skiers and boarders all over take in to huge consideration when booking a holiday, Sud Tyrol should be top of our list every time.

Sam Duke- Ski Total

Quick Facts:

  • Around 260million litres of milk are produced each year in Sud Tyrol.
  • Almost 60 varieties of cheese have the ‘Sud Tyrol Quality Seal’.
  • 2.8million hams of branded speck were produced in 2008, with an average weight of 4.5kgs.
  • 88 bakers and pastry chefs in Sud Tyrol bake bread, apple strudel and Zelten with the Sud Tyrol quality seal.
  • 15,000 tonnes worth of vegetables are produced each year.
  • Each year, 1,400 tonnes of strawberries are produced in Sud Tyrol.
  • Each beehive in Sud Tyrol yields around 15kgs of honey per year.
  • 320,000 litres of apple juice produced each year, (Sud Tyrolean apple juice keeps for one year.).
  • Altitude range of vineyards is 200-1000m.


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