Solden Snow Report 12/04/2013

Here is the latest snow report from our team in Solden

There is 254cm of snow at the top of the Solden ski area with 10cm of snow in resort. The last snowfall was on  10th April with around 1cm falling.

There are 100% of pistes open in the Solden ski area with 77% ski lifts open.

The heavy snow forecasted for today is to bring around 20cm of snow altogether at mid station by tomorrow morning – and around 5cm more up on the glacier!! Fabulous news for the snow at this time of year. However, Spring is to return with the snow clouds completely disappearing by Saturday with wall-to-wall sunshine to continue into early next week! The temperatures are staying below
freezing at mid-station, but from Saturday the sunshine is really heating things up with maximum temperatures of 8/9 degrees Celsius and plus 1 on the glacier!!

The forecasted snow seems to be have been pushed back, as the sun is breaking through the clouds
this morning! There are still lingering clouds, however, so the light is quite flat. It is surprisingly warm and the milder temperatures and bright sunshine affected the snow quality yesterday – with it becoming quite slushy, especiallyin the afternoon! This means the home runs are suffering the most, so if soft, wet snow is not your cup of tea, down loading on the gondolas might be the best idea!!

With a week full of fun-filled events and parties, the Gay Snowhappening 2013 is coming to a close today! The last Gay Ski Guiding starts at 10am at the Giggijoch with lunch stop at Eugen’s Obstlerhuette on red 19 at 1pm. Later there will be a Live band at the Giggijoch from 3pm to warm you up for this Evening’s top event: Hannibal, and later from 10pm the final Party will be in Mogul (entrance €5).  The greatly anticipated and publicised ‘Hannibal’ is taking place this evening from 7:30pm on the Rettenbach glacier. The bi- Annual open-air theatre production, telling the story of Military commander, Hannibal, who marched his army from the Pyrenees, through the Alps and into Northern Italy, is a Spectacle not to be missed!! With 500 people involved in the Production, the performance consists of piste bashers, dancers, planes, helicopters and acrobats – with snow-sculpted elephants, impressive light shows and pyrotechnics! Tickets are €39 for adults, with bus pick-ups from 5:30pm in town to take you to the glacier. Perfectly times with the sunshine forecasted tomorrow, is Soelden’s First volley ball competition taking place at the Giggijoch Fun-zone. It kicks off at 9am tomorrow and the tournament Continues all day – teams can enter online with €30 entry fee, Standard rules apply and big prizes are up for grabs!! So drop by for some unlikely snow-volley ball viewing!!