Snow Round-up this week in the Alps

What better way to round up the snowfall from this week than a gallery of the images send in by our staff directly from their respective resorts and travels from training locations back to resort.

Waking up to snowfall on the 5th December the first images started coming in from across the Alps:

Val d’Isère

Chalet Champ Avalin in Val d'Isere Chalet Champ Avalin in Val d'Isere 05.12.11 Chalet Valpierre in Val d'Isere 05.12.11

Saas Fee

Saas Fee Resort 05.12.11 Saas Fee Resort 05.12.11 Saas Fee Resort 05.12.11

St Anton

St Anton Resort 05.12.11 St Anton Resort 05.12.11 St Anton Resort 05.12.11

Les Arcs

Les Arcs Fresh snowfall on the road 05.12.11 Les Arcs 05.12.11 Les Arcs 05.12.11

Less images came in from resort on the 6th December as staff got to work with a good set of images coming in from Courchevel and the odd image from St Anton:

Courchevel 1850

Courchevel 1850 Resort 06.12.11 Courchevel 1850 Fresh Snow 06.12.11 Courchevel 1850 Snowfall 06.12.11
Courchevel 1850 Resort 06.12.11 Courchevel 1850, The Piste 06.12.11 Courchevel 1850 Resort 06.12.11

St Anton

St Anton, lower piste 06.12.11

Then yesterday the 7th December there was an influx of images from across the Alps showing the extent of the heavy snowfall from throughout the week so far, with pictures coming in from Switzerland, Austria and France.

Saas Fee

Saas Fee Clear 07.12.11 Saas Fee, Cloud Covered Mountains 07.12.11 Saas Fee 07.12.11

Val d’Isère

Val d Isere Town Centre 07.12.11 Val d Isere Ski Racks 07.12.11 Val d Isere, fresh snow covered car 07.12.11

St Anton

St Anton, Chalet Gerlinde 07.12.11 St Anton, staff car 07.12.11 St Anton, Chalet Murr 07.12.11

We finish with pictures taken throughout today of the crystal clear blue sky’s over pure white mountain tops, firstly taken from in the mountains and then further down tyhe mountain and on into the valleys below, 8th December:

Pictures from across the Alps taken on the 8th December

Courchevel 1850 08.12.11 Courchevel 1850 08.12.11 Courchevel 1850 08.12.11
Saas Fee 08.12.11 St Christoph, helpful staff 08.12.11 Val Solaise Fornet 08.12.11
Tignes les Boisses 08.12.11 Vallee de Tignes 08.12.11 Les Arcs Peisey in the distance 08.12.11

We will continue with our snow reports and updates throughout the ski season and as new pictures and videos come in we will endeavour to upload them and make them available as soon as possible.