Skiing, The double Edge Sword!

As we continue to get news from across the Alps of the daily snow fall and the fresh powder on the ground we all think this is great news.

As skiers and boarders alike we love the news of fresh snow falling on the slopes and setting the scene for the perfect days skiing or boarding on and off piste.

When you’re in resort and wake up to a white out, is it good or bad news?  seeing the snow is good, although will the lifts run and can the piste bashers keep on top of the heavy snow fall and if you manage to get on the slopes will you be able to see anything???

I am sure these are all questions we have asked ourselves many times over, and, to be sure we have generally managed to get onto the slopes and sometimes even gone above the cloud for that awe inspiring feeling of being on top of the world.

This image came in from the resort of Avoriaz this morning from one of our guests as they woke up to fresh snow fall and took the decision to start the day slowly and enjoy their time on the slopes.  From the live webcams in Avoriaz the visibility hasn’t improved a great deal throughout the day, however the skiing is great as is the fresh snow.