Ski Season Essentials – Girls vs Boys

My horse riding coach once told me in my early teenage years; if you cannot be the best, you have to look the best. A saying that has followed me ever since.  As I am definitely not even close to becoming a pro skier (I scream as soon as I see a mogul) this aphorism, well and truly works for my skiing as well. Something I share with loads of women (and men) that I am extremely good at though, is the sport of shopping! I love ANY kind of shopping – clothes (obviously), hotels, skin care products, books, food, make up, music, flight tickets, pets (this is 100% window shopping), furniture, gym memberships and much more. With the development of the world wide web my shopping skills have drastically improved and within a few minutes I can spend my whole months’ salary, mega-easy! When it comes to skiing and snowboarding, shopping is a must and with endless online shops it has never been easier! I have put together some of my favourite must-have items for the upcoming season that will make you girls look like the coolest kittens in the resort and you men like the skiing version of Ryan Gosling (and believe me all of us girls want to see that!).

What are your favourite must- haves going to resort? We’d like to hear from you. Send us a message on facebook or twitter and use the hashtag #skitotalloveswinter.

Julia – Ski Total