Ski Season 2013/14 – Are You Ready?

ski total are you ready

The snow has started falling in the Alps and across the whole of Europe skiers and snowboarders have started to prepare for the upcoming ski season 2013/14. Skis and boards are getting waxed, equipment is bought,  hundreds of squats are being squatted, holidays are planned and the whole skiing and boarding nation are pumped to hit the slopes. The question is have you started to prepare? If not, or just need inspiration, below are a few ideas that will get you ready for the winter season in no time!

1. Get in to shape & stretch

If you want to be able to walk again after your first session on the snow, you better start working them legs that have been spoilt over the summer months. The days of walking around in a pair of comfortable plimsolls are over and it’s time to embrace yourself for numb toes and aching ankles.  By doing  squats and lunges you will strengthen your quadriceps, while step-ups and dead lifts will help strengthen up hamstrings and glutes. Don’t forget to wake up your core as well, after months of beer consumption at festivals and cocktail sessions in that Mediterranean villa it is high time to claim your core back! Start doing some planking and cycling and you should be in shape very soon. Check this video out with US SKI Team Mogul Skier Heather McPhie for some inspiration. If you’re not a yoga kind of person,  it’s fine but you still have to stretch to avoid injuries. Create a 5 minute stretch routine a few times a week and you will be flexible as a cat on skis.

2. Check your gear, get some gear and repair some gear.

There is never a shortage of innovative new equipment and this season is not an exception. For our favourite ski and snowboard gear and accessories check out our Ski Season Essential blog if you missed it. The question to ask is: Do I need new gear? If you are like me, the answer will always be yes but if you are a sensible person who has not been tricked in to the consumer crazy world we live in, the answer might actually be no. There are plenty of shops that can fix problems with your gear and make them as new again. Do you have friends with a pair of skis or a board that you can borrow for your holiday? Get second hand items from Ebay or write a letter to Santa for a new jacket or goggles.

mountains are calling
3. Book your holiday

For all of us living in the beautiful and rainy country of England we do not have the luxury of a short drive to a ski resort. Instead we have to save all the pennies, take some holiday from work and book a holiday. The other option we do have is going out to a resort and work and become a seasonair. But for all of us that are trying to grow up and live a civilized life with responsibilities, we have to book a holiday, or several (depending on how full your  piggy bank is). I tend to try new resorts when I am going on holiday. A very popular option is to go to resorts where friends are doing a season as well, this is extremely economical (sleeping on floors in shared seasonaire accommodation) but somewhat  a bit less comfortable. The questions to ask yourself are; What is my budget? What do I want out of my holiday, i.e, do I want a big aprés scene? do I want a hot tub? do I want amazing back country skiing? When you have established this, give us a call or book your Ski Total holiday online!

4. Watch a bunch of ski and snowboard films

Pop the popcorn, get a blanket and dim the lights – autumn is here and there are lots of new ski and snowboard movies to watch. There is no better way to become inspired, excited and realistic about the forthcoming season.  The inspiration that these movies give is amazing, there are so many dreamy places the pro skiers and boarders are getting to go to that I turn green with envy and my bucket list is getting longer . The excitement it gives is fantastic,  all of us have been starved of snow, skiing/boarding and thrills after a long sunny summer and it gives us that light at the end of the tunnel. The reality check it gives us, is that we never, ever ski or board as good as they do in the movies. However, that’s okay, we just need to accept the fact of failure and pretend we are pro’s in the aprés bar! Here are some movies that will most certainly get you in the mood for the winter season! When it comes to the Shane McConkey documentary, kids do NOT try this at home!  Happy watching!