Selva – Snow Report, 12 Mar 2010

SelvaThe snow reaches a depth of 221cm at the top of the Marmolada whilst on the local Selva slopes of the Sella Ronda the depth is 70cm.

The weather this week has been a little chilly on the Dantercepies side of town, heading around the Ronda and further afield, however staying in the local area has proven to be the best idea!

On Tuesday when we did the James Bond run, the weather was pleasant, not at all windy or cold! The skiing in the local area at the moment is fantastic. Runs were lovely, quiet, snow was absolutely fantastic!! A thoroughly enjoyable day had by all!

Temperatures will remain cold, staying be well below freezing Wind will be generally light but a new dusting of snow should be on its way.
Early next week is forecast for a light covering of new snow to fall.

Monday was Ladies Day which brought flowers to all those ladies who went to the ski show! It was a good show, if a little chilly!  Next week brings 2 more shows, one in Selva and one in Ortisei. Val Gardena musicians are putting on various entertainments during next week, mainly from the Youth Orchestra Ortisei.