Selva – Snow Report, 09 Mar 2010

SelvaThe snow base is 221cm at the top of the Marmolada with 70cm on the lower Sella Ronda slopes.

Once again the weather in Selva is completely the opposite as what is being forecasted. Predicted snow showers overnight were meant to hit Val Gardena but nothing arrived, so this morning we are blessed once again by the beautiful sunshine, with that crisp morning fresh air, the same we’ve had for the past four days.

The sun is managing to maintain the pistes by keeping away any ice, and allowing the powder that’s left to remain soft despite there being a cold wind blowing daily and meaning the temperatures are a little low.

Our guests ventured out to Plan de Gralba yesterday where the long, evergreen trees and the wide gentle red runs allowed them to get their skiing feet back into gear.

On the other side of the Dantercepies, the panoramic views of skiing in between two mountains are all lit up by the sun, making that area of the Gardena valley one of the most popular with skiers. The wide blue and red runs, which are perfectly pisted and topped with a light dusting of snow gives you a sense of well being and confidence to carry on further with your skiing, despite the little bit of chill in the air or any feeling of tiredness.

There seems to be no signs of any moguls as the piste bashers continue to work hard and maintain the runs coming down off the Ciampinoi, either heading down the famous World Cup run (Sasslong) or simply heading back into Selva.

The Marmolada is once again a must-see if you are in Selva this week as with the forecasts predicting snow (again), there seems to be a rush of getting up to the 3250m to see the gorgeous views, which can’t be seen from anywhere else in the Dolomites.

Still the forecast of light snow from late Tuesday night all the way through to the end of the week with 9cm of fresh snow expected in the next 48 hours.  A mid westerly wind of around -20˚ will stick around until Thursday with temperatures between -6˚ and -14˚.

Yesterday saw ‘Ladies day’ hit Selva, with the male Go-Go dancers hitting one of the main bars in town. Some of the men showed their appreciation by dressing up, topped with kisses, affection and even flowers. The local women along with our guests and staff are trying to extend the day into Ladies Week, which got a bleak response from the male contingents of Selva.

Topped with ladies day, it was the turn for Ski 2000’s ski show, which included instructors skiing on one ski, three instructors on the same ski, tandem flying, freestyle skiers and boarders as well as a skidoo versus skier race. There was a big turn out, despite it being a little chilly but the warm taste of free Glühwein meant that everyone was happy.

On Wednesday we will see ‘skijoring’ in the afternoon in Vallunga. Skijoring is the Norwegian name for ski driving. In Selva at 16:30, down in the area where the cross country runs are, skijoring with horses will take place. Something which could be highly entertaining and fun.

Also on Wednesday for all you football fanatics, it’s the next leg of the Champions League match between Manchester United and AC Milan. With most of the locals supporting either Inter or AC, the bars fill up quite quickly and are always entertaining to say the least.