Saving our Snow

There are many different viewpoints and arguments from many different scientists over global warming and climate change. Different people have different opinions however if it’s ignored or if it comes down to the little fact that ‘every little helps’ then let’s stop analysing and lets start doing.

That is exactly our view point in our resorts  where all our staff are involved in the process of ‘Saving our Snow’. From initial training and throughout the season and even passed on through our guests, it is reiterated time and time again to do what we can. Whether it is encouraging Ski Total guests to turn off the lights and unplug electrical. Or the recycling walk done daily through the car free village or making sure water, food and energy is not being wasted. Anything and everything we can do is done and when it is created as part of the daily routine it is barely noticeable and also we find that it becomes a natural process to the staff who genuinely care about the snow and the beautiful environment they get to spend 6 months living in.

So when you next go on holiday with Ski Total ask about ‘save our snow’ and even what you can do to help. We may not be able to prevent everything but let’s preserve our fantastic ski resorts that we all love to escape to. Here are the Top 5 small things YOU can do to help the environment…