Safe skiing or boarding whilst on holiday

Do you like to ski or board off-piste and in between trees? Have you ever heard of a tree well?

Ski Total came across an interesting article today that highlights the risks associated with skiing or boarding amongst trees. Most skiers and boarders are aware of the risk of avalanches as unfortunately they have been in the news a lot recently and are devastating. There is plenty of equipment designed to help skiers or boarders in the event of an avalanche and some of you may even have some of this equipment. Luckily, much of this equipment can help you get caught in a tree well.

The article is written by Paul Baugher (Director of the Northwest Avalanche Institute) and Gwyn Howat (Operations manager, Mt.Baker Ski area inc) and it highlights the dangers of tree wells. They give good advice to skiers and boarders about how to minimize the risk and avoid the dangers of tree wells. They also cover what to do in the unfortunate event you end up in a tree well.

The article can be found here and we recommend you taking 5 minutes of your time to read the information as it will help you if you plan to go off piste amongst the trees this winter.


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