Saas Fee Snow Report, 26 Mar 2010

Saas Fee Lower PisteWith snowfall at the end of last week the top of the mountain, at Allalin, is in really good condition with the weather being a mix of sunny spells and brisk winter mornings it has been a pleasure to see everyone smiling as they ski the beautiful glacier.

In Saas Fee the streets have been clear of snow  for a week now but with a heavy snowfall over night the town looks truly amazing, With every crunching footstep on the snow covered roads of Saas fee you can see that people are very happy to be in such a lovely town.

At the very peak snow conditions are superb. The wide open red runs 17a and 10b have been awesome with the sunlight being present throughout most of the day The weather has been really good this week with the sun brightening up all the slopes and making the glacier look truly breath taking.

Around the middle stations of Felskinn and Morenia the lovely wide runs still have a comfortable layer of powder the middle section of the mountain has been a hive of excitement  this week with the snow park being improved more and more each week you can really see the joy in all of the people skiing this area.  Run 8 is a loverly blue run around the back of the snow park this has been a good place for skiers who want to practice their technique on quite piste.

With the snowfall over night the bottom of the mountain is stunning. With all the snow hugging the trees it really is lovely.

Both of the Yellow run 13 and 1a are both really good at the moment challenging the most experienced skier, both slopes are mogul fields in the middle and soft and powdery to the sides.

The weather over the next few days is looking really good with a mixture of snow and sunny spells. The wind is looking very light for the next few days with the wind not being stronger than 15kph. The start of next week is looking very good with unbroken sunshine forecasted.  Temperatures this week are ranging from a maximum of 0c to -9c making this week a little warmer than previous weeks.

With the Glacier Bike Downhill on March 6th 2010 the adrenalin in the glacier village Saas Fee will purely flow.