Saas Fee Snow Report, 06 Apr 2010

Saas FeeWith the snow we had last week we have enough snow to see us though to the end of the season. Now that the snow has stopped the sun has come back out to play and it is starting to feel like spring again. The pistes at the top of the mountain are in really good condition which makes them a pleasure to ski.

In Saas Fee thankfully not much has changed and the streets continue to show signs of the recent snowfall. The nursery slopes are still a pleasure to ski on.

The runs at the top of the mountain have been a real pleasure to ski over the past few days. Run 19a is a very good red run on the glacier of Saas Fee. The reason this is such a good run is because of the awesome view you get of the glacier.

Around the middle stations of Felskinn and Morenia the lovely wide runs still have a comfortable layer of Snow. The snow park this week is being made sure that it is in perfect condition in preparation for the freestyle event at the end of this week.  Last weeks run of the week at the back of the snow park is still in amazing condition and a real pleasure to ski.

Towards the bottom of the mountain there is still plenty of fun to be had. The nursery slopes still attract a whole range of skiers brushing up on their technique. Sledges and bumboards are still out in full force!

A dusting of new snow yet to come over the next few days the conditions are looking good for the end of the week. The wind is very low this week ands is not due to exceed 10kph. The sun will be shining for the next few days making conditions very good for the people skiing Saas fee.

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