Pilates in Lech

Brand new for the 2015/16 season, we’re offering free Pilates classes at Chalet Hotel Elisabeth in Lech for weeks beginning 28th February and 6th March.

Chalet Hotel Elisabeth Pilates Class

Pilates is great for general fitness and wellbeing, aiming to strengthen the body, with particular emphasis on the core. Perfect for prepping the body for a day’s skiing or boarding, that can take a real strain on your muscles and joints.

Pilates suits people of all ages, abilities and fitness levels and there are many health benefits – regular practice can improve posture, tone, balance and mobility, as well as relieve stress and tension, and can help reduce the risk of injury by keeping the muscles warm and flexible. Our classes are specifically designed to work the areas of your body you’ll use most on the slopes, so you can get the most out of your time on the powder and hopefully alleviate some of that post-ski aching we’ve all felt!

At head office this summer, we took part in a taster session with instructor John Crook, so we would know what our guests could expect, as well as offer up any feedback to ensure the class would be as good as it could be in resort.

Pilates Taster Session_04

It was a great class, with many of us feeling the benefits rights away. I attend Pilates classes at my local gym regularly, so I had a pretty good idea of what to expect. But I was surprised to find the classes so specifically tailored to a pre-ski workout. The format is a series of slow-paced sequences working on a mat (provided), designed to strengthen the joints and muscles in the arms and legs. We followed John through the exercises which he demonstrated first, and though they were simple, the repetitive nature made them tough at times!

Pilates Exercise Pilates Move

Adam from Marketing said of the class; ‘Phew! Who knew all that bending and stretching would be so challenging! I feel a lot stronger in my legs though, and can see the benefits of doing a class like this before hitting the slopes. I’m looking forward to having buns of steel after those leg rotations!’

The pilates class runs Monday – Friday during the weeks of 28th February and 6th March. For details of times and to book, ask in resort.

Words: Jessica Lloyd-Hitt