The 3 Best Picnic Spots in Val Thorens

Now that Spring has officially sprung, the sun is out and the temperatures are rising, our Ski Total staff have found a few beautiful picnic spots above 3000m that they love to visit on their day off, with the most stunning views in the 3 Valleys!

1. Aiguille de Péclet, altitude of 3567m
How to get there: take the blue Peclet funitel bubble from the nursery slope, hop off at the top and there you are! Perfect for even the beginners and non-skiers among us.

Ski Total | beautiful and colourful sunset in the mountains in Val Thorens

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2. Col, altitude of 3130m
How to get there: take the cascades chairlift from the nursery slope, take 2 Combes (a green slope) or Dalles (a blue) past Chalet du Thorens and 360. Then take the Portette chairlift up, followed by the Col chairlift up to the viewpoint where there are some sun-soaked rocks to sit on, whilst enjoying a sandwich, drink and the sun on your face. Bear in mind – you have to take a short red to meet the blue Moraine run – challenge yourself!

Ski Total | fresh snow that has been carved up by skiers.

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3. Cime Caron, altitude of 3200m
How to get there: take the Caron funitel bubble from the very bottom of the nursery slopes, then at the top immediately take the Cime Caron mega bubble up to the most breathtaking viewpoint of the Val Thorens area. Hike up 20m to the map of the surrounding mountains, and familiarise yourself with the Belleville and Maurienne Valleys around you.

Ski Total | Val Thorens from afar on a clear, bluebird day