Photography Tips | Apps on the Go


Taking pictures up the mountains has never been easier with a great range of compact and convenient technology now available. One of these – your camera phone – is perfect for ski and snowboarding photography. If you’re like us your phone is always in your pocket and ready to capture any moments. With the aid of apps you can immediately edit and share your pictures on the go, all from the same device. But the huge choice of apps available for photographers can be daunting. Here are a few of our favourites:

1. Pixlr-o-matic – best for stylising


iTunes – Free / Android – Free

This app is great fun. From Autodesk Inc., who have an excellent pedigree in creative software, Pixlr-o-matic provides a rapid way to jazz up run-of-the-mill pictures. Picture editing has three easy steps. Simply choose an effect, add an overlay such as scratching or lens flare, then pick a border. Job done. A great range of effects are available as standard and even more can be installed at a later date. Grunge effects and borders can make even the tamest of pistes look proper gnarly. Add these to your photos to show just how daring you were on your recent winter sports holiday.


Pixlr-o-matic 1

Pixlr-o-matic 2

2. Instagram – best for sharing


iTunes – Free / Android – Free

Instagram needs no explaining. The granddaddy of photo based social networks will have thousands of people sharing their #SnowPhotos this winter. And you’d be crazy not to join them. Simply take your photo, add a filter and hashtag then hit share. All your followers will instantly be able to admire the stunning mountain-view you are currently enjoying. No more need for postcards. Oh, and don’t forget to take a picture of that amazing tartiflette you’re having for lunch.

3. Snapseed – best for fine tuning


iTunes – Free / Android – Free

There is a huge range of comprehensive photo editing apps available for your phone. Snapseed, made by Google, is one of the most intuitive. Some apps may have more features but Snapseed’s controls are easy to use and feel designed for a touchscreen experience. You’ll never use this while you are up the mountain. This app is for full-on, perfectionist style photo editing. But it is great for adjusting wonky horizons and snow brightness on your landscape photos as you chill out in the chalet. Your holiday snaps will never have looked so professional!


Snapseed 1

Snapseed 2

4. Facetune – best for stunning selfies


iTunes – £2.99 / Android – £1.99

Chapped lips, sunburn, goggle tan lines – we all get a bit windswept after a day on the slopes. But don’t let this put you off taking a great selfie while you’re on the chairlift. Facetune is an app dedicated to getting rid of all those blemishes that make you look less than perfect. It even has a virtual toothbrush so that you can whiten your teeth. No more need for make-up but remember – sun cream is still advisable.

5. SnapBlend – best for cool effects

iTunes – £1.49

This app specialises in multiple exposures – so you will have to take lots of photos of the same scene to get the best of the app. The effects potential is astonishing. One example is highlighting your friend in the scene and fading all passers by into mist. You’ll look like you had the slopes to yourself all holiday. Another effect you could try is to blend multiple photos for a storyboard effect. Imagine seeing yourself before, during and after a massive ski jump – all in the same picture!

6. Filter Grid / Filter Editor – best for filters


Android – Free

Who doesn’t love filters? These sister apps are solely there to add style to your images. But what makes Filter Grid especially interesting is the option to combine various filters on the same photograph. This is great if you wish to highlight those tracks you recently carved in fresh powder. The choice of filters is more extensive in Filter Editor so we recommend applying your favourite filter in this app before adding interest in Filter Grid.


Filter Grid 1

Filter Grid

There are literally hundreds of useful and fun photography apps out there. Many of the apps are free so we recommend you continue to experiment and find what works best for you. The apps on this list will give you some great tools to start keeping a photographic record of your winter holiday. The next step is to get out on the slopes and enjoy!