Our Top 9 Retro Movies with Skiing

  1. Dumb and Dumber : 1994
    So we had a little debate in the office about whether 1994 was really retro, before terrifyingly working out that it was 22 years ago… We couldn’t not include this clip – has anyone not tried this and ended up with their tongue frozen to a chairlift..?


  3. Downhill Racer : 1969
    Straight 2 metre long skis galore, a pretty impressive cornice jump, big sunglasses and some very tight trousers. Downhill Racer does have some amazing shots despite the questionable ski wear and terrifying mountain driving scene.


  5. Hot Tub Time Machine : 2010 / 1986
    Ok, so 2010 definitely isn’t retro, but they do go back to 1986, and there’s definitely enough neon onepiece suits to justify its spot on this list!


  7. For Your Eyes Only : 1981
    The first of the movies to feature Bond skiing on our list, For Your Eyes Only features an epic chase through the beautiful Italian resort of Cortina with classic moments such as the ski class dominoes, skiing over some poor chap’s lunch table and of course, skiing down a bobsleigh track – as you do…


  9. On Her Majesty’s Secret Service : 1696
    The second Bond on our list, OHMSS features some stunning looking powder, rather interesting skiwear and to modern eyes, some really quite amusing bluescreen – just mind out for that snowclearer!


  11. Ski Party : 1965
    Now, we’ve got to admit that none of us at Ski Total HQ have actually seen Ski Party, but after having watched this trailer that is sure to change. Imagine it, you’ve just finished off your chalet dinner, sipping the final mouthful of red in front of the fire, and James Brown turns up to kick the evening off!
    Not sure about all of that hip-action dancing after a day of solid skiing though!


  13. Hot Dog : 1984
    There’s more puns in this minute clip than you can shake a ski pole at…
    “They’re fast, they’re fun loving, they’re fearless, they’re nuts. By Day, they’re the finest hot-dogging freestyle skiers in the world.”
    Sounds pretty epic right – we think so too. Keep an eye out for the extreme karate chop of a peanut.
    Totally got this year’s go-pro edit music background dialed in now too…


  15. Aspen Extreme : 1993
    A classic film of a zero to hero, despite a little cheese, Aspen Extreme is a genuinely great film. The powder in this clip too… Keep an eye out for the huuuuge spread.
    (The movie also features a much younger Martin Kemp!)


  17. The Spy Who Loved Me : 1977
    Could it really have been anything else in the number one spot? Incredible scenery, perfect powder and some truly retro backing music. The one thing this clip really doesn’t need is more cowbell. Plus, I think we have all wanted rocket shooting ski poles at one point…
    That ending too.. first ever ski base jump! You might say, nobody does it better (sorry).

    Bonus! Shane McConkey “Seven Sunny Days”

    A skit of the above Bond, the late great Shane McConkey had always wanted to pull of the Bond-esque ski base jump. There apparently was much more involved that you would think, including needing to source the original bindings as they release in the opposite way to any other binding, making pulling them off at the opportune moment possible.
    Some great old school effects here, and a magnificent daffy from one of the pursuers.