Our Top 9 Moments from ‘One of Those Days 3’

In case you haven’t heard of Candide Thovex, he is perhaps one of the best freeskiers in the world. He has previously treated us to some unbelievable feats of skiing (and fearlessness) in his installments: One of Those Days, and One of Those Days 2.

We take you through our favourite stunts of his new video, including jumping over a running helicopter, or click here to skip straight to the video.

1. Kids Style

Through the legs!

Candide starts us off with a cheeky ski under a (presumably) unsuspecting skiers legs… Who can say they never tried this in their younger days!


2. 360 over a Speedrider

Lip Jump Speedrider 360 Speedrider

After a blisteringly fast paced race down some off piste, a fairly modest jump appears, which once launched off reveals a huge gap to clear. Candide (obviously) clears it easily, and in slo-motion airs a lofty 360 whilst passing over a Speedrider* – just ’cause…

*That’s a paraglider on skis to most of us.


3. Skiing Through A Snow Tunnel

Tunnel Ski

Next, we are launched into a tunnel of snow – complete with lanterns to guide the way, followed by another similar tunnel. Oh, and there’s a huge backflip in between them – why not?!


4. Pondskimming


Posted by Candide Thovex on Monday, 29 February 2016

Thovex, after casually puling off a 1260 rotation (that’s 3.5 times) then demonstrates his unique brand ‘pondskimming’.
Pondskimming is popular in US resorts marking end of season parties, with participants attempting to ski or board across expanses of water without falling in. Generally though, it doesn’t include a ‘mid-skim 360’ or a backflip on exit.

The water tends to look a little less arctic too…


5. Skiing through a van

6 Ski through van

Although the image looks photoshopped, it really isn’t as we are treated to a pov blasting through the side of a van – thankfully doors open.
We then shoot off another jump, along with a 720 (just the 2 rotations this time), over an ongoing cycle race.

Nice to see the support for our very own Bradley Wiggins!

7 Jump over cycle race


6. Skiing over a helicopter

8 Jump over Helicopter a 8 Jump over Helicopter b

Yes the blades are running.


7. Skiing through a barn

9 Ski through Barn a 9 Ski through Barn c

Sticking with the theme of skiing through things which probably shouldn’t be skied through, Candide then shoots through a barn – no the windows weren’t left open…


8. The Sound of Music

10 No Snow Landing

Before the ultimate finale, Candide shows us that landing on snow really is for amateurs with his own Julie Andrews improvisation.


9. Heliskiing 2.0

11 Helicopter a 11 Helicopter b
11 Helicopter c

Thovex, presumably very confused about the concept of Heli-skiing, then skies halfway across a lake, grabs a handle suspended from a heli, before being lifted above the lake and away at great height.

Is it just us who can hear the 007 music start rolling?!

Watch the full video below: