New Year in Val d’Isère


Val d’Isere is a bubbly and lively resort at the best of times. But as New Year approaches the resort becomes a hub of activity with a range of events for both young and old.


On Monday the Family Cup was hosted by the local Club des Sports. This family giant slalom race was open to all, however with just one rule the teams must include at least two generations of family. It was such a fantastic event with families getting together to show that they were the best on the slopes. Not only did younger siblings and grandparents cheer their relations on, but they got involved themselves. It wasn’t uncommon to see and grandad teaming up with their youngest grand children to show everyone how even the youngest and oldest still know how to ski! The giant slalom was a great success and really brought families together during the festive period.


Tuesday brought around an ESF spectacular on the world renowned Face de Bellevarde slope which hosted the 1992 Olympic Downhill race. Anyone who has ever been treated to seeing an ESF torchlight descent can vouch for how spectacular they look. The descent down the Face into the heart of Val d’Isère did not disappoint. The ESF instructors created a glowing orange worm that weaved down the mountain and could be seen from the up the road the Fornet area of Val d’Isère. This was soon followed by a breath-taking firework display, Val d’Isère does not hold back when it comes to fireworks either, they were huge! The banging and whizzing echoed across the valley and brought smiles to all that witnessed the amazing display. Everyone then strolled into the village centre to enjoy a heart-warming Vin Chaud and speak to the ESF instructors who a full of knowledge about the Espace Killy.


So it is soon to be the end of 2015 and Val d’Isère is ready to welcome 2016 in style. On the evening of New Years there is going to be a night light show. The streets of Val d’Isère will be pedestrianised and turned into a colourful wonderland. Airstar are hosting what is set to be an incredible sound and light show with Astro Diva. The main street of Val d’Isère is set to be lit up in an array of rainbow colours before the big night. This show will be followed by a number of firework displays around town. Val d’Isère is ready to bring in 2016 with a massive bang, it’s going to be one to remember!

Val d'Isere town / resort panorama view