Must Have Winter Holiday Apps 14/15

Jonny Snowden is a travel & sports blogger and will be working for Ski Total this forthcoming season. He has gathered together his favourite winter holidays apps for the 2014/15 winter season, which will make your holiday that little bit easier. Enjoy!

9 apps

With a lot of winter sports apps being much alike, we’re looking at the apps that can make your winter getaway that little bit better. Unfortunately for you guys, I’m no expert in application testing. However, I am rather adept at scouring the markets and seeing what the top apps are. Here is my pick, the best of the best.

 1. Trip Advisor

Before you set off, and whilst in-resort, what better way to learn about the local hotspots (other than by asking our friendly and knowledgeable Resort Representatives) than by seeing what other holiday-makers have rated as recommended things to see and do. Of course, we hope that, once you’ve enjoyed your stay with us, you’ll have a moment to give us your feedback too! Available for both Apple and Android devices.

2. Easyjet

Everyone misplaces, or forgets, the printed version of their boarding pass at one time or another. A ‘real’ check-in is a thing of the past and soon paper boarding passes will be too. EasyJet have got themselves off to a flying start by jumping into the market with their app. What is important to note, is that digital boarding passes can only be used in selected airports. Please check on the EasyJet website for further information.

3. Spotify

By getting yourself the 30-day free trial of Spotify, you are gaining access to the music industry’s future: unlimited, portable and constantly updated music in the palm of your hand. Listen to your favourite playlists in-transfer, or save them as playable offline, for those ill-fated whiteout days where, despite our best efforts, it might not be possible to get out onto the mountain.

 4. Ski+Snow Report

On the topic of weather conditions, my next app claims to be the “world’s most-downloaded ski and snowboard application”. OnTheSnow’s resort app provides you with detailed information about numerous resorts around the world. Available for both Apple and Android devices, it does take a little getting used to, but the positives far outweigh this minor setback. Snowfall, piste maps, comments, webcams… it even has a ‘nearby’ section which uses your GPS to tell you what else might be just around the corner.

5. Find My Friends

Apple here

Android here

A useful person-tracking app. Incredibly useful if you want to take off and do some varying pistes while other members of your party are taking a break or happier on the gentler slopes. Never lose a member of your party again!

6. First aid by British Red Cross

It’s all in the name. Snow sports are one of the most hazardous sports around and especially when you’re only learning, accidents will happen. Having this handy app installed before you leave will open you up (pardon the pun) to the world of first aid, which could help in an emergency situation. This app helps you to identify and care for an injury. Although this does help, remember that in an emergency and/or potentially life-threatening circumstances, seek professional medical advice.

7. Ski and Snow Dice

Apple – here

A useful app for the freestylers among us. If you’re down with the kids, check out these apps (Lite versions and paid versions available) for sick tricks to throw into your runs. Particularly useful at resorts such as La Rosière where you have a snow park. On your marks, get set…

8. Trick Bag (Free and Paid) – Snowboarding

If, however, you’re not quite as down with the kids as you thought, or you’re looking to nail a new trick this winter, check out Trick Bag. If you’re a snowboarder looking to boost your tricks, why not learn from professional boarder Nick Hyne? Laid out in a fun way, this app can take you from the basics to the advanced skills you need to land that one trick before you head home. It is also available direct from the Android store.

9. Avalanche Forecasts

My final recommendation for your in-holiday winter season apps is this incredibly useful application that allows you to check for avalanche predictions in real time, and up to two days in advance. Free on both Apple and Android, it is a handy app to have each morning. Pay attention though, this information is general and I certainly wouldn’t advise you to base your day off this app alone. Play it safe; if in doubt, don’t go off-piste.

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