Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my flight times?

Flight details will be displayed as you go through our online search and book process, you can also view flight times on our Flights page
Once you have booked, your flight details will appear on your invoice. Please be aware, that until you receive your e-tickets, flight times are provisional, so we would recommend checking e-tickets thoroughly when you receive these.


Which terminal do I fly from?

Your departure terminal will be detailed on your e-tickets which will be sent out roughly 3 weeks prior to your departure date.


What is my baggage allowance?

Your baggage allowance will be confirmed on your confirmation invoice. The allowance will at least 1 x suitcase weighing up to 18kg plus 1 piece of hand luggage per person (not including infants).


What is the difference between a chalet and chalet hotel

Chalet Hotels aim to bridge the gap between chalets, and locally run Hotels – offering a relaxed atmosphere and English-speaking staff. They tend to be a little larger than a traditional chalet, and also have better facilities. You can read more about our chalets and Chalet Hotels here.


Where do I enter my API information?

For most of our flights, Advanced Passenger Information (API) will be collected when you check-in at the airport. If, the airline you are travelling with do require it in advance we will send you a link for this.
If you wish to be kept updated during periods of travel delay, we would strongly recommend that you provide your mobile number, so that we may communicate up-to-date information to you via our Text Alert system. If you have booked through a Travel Agent and they provide their own contact details, they then assume responsibility for passing on any text information received to you.


How much deposit do I need to pay

The deposit is £150 per person. This includes any ‘free passengers’ travelling in groups, but does not include infants.


When is the full balance due?

Full balance is due 10 weeks before your departure. For more details, click here


What are the flight and rooms supplements on my invoice?

We price our holidays using a ‘base cost’, which is based upon the cheapest possible flight and room option. Some flight departure points will carry a supplement, and rooms which are not the cheapest room, such as a suite will carry an accommodation supplement.


Where can I find a marmot which can tell me the time?

This particular marmot (now permanently) resides in Lech, and the great photograph at the top of the page was sent in by a previous guest. We unfortunately can’t comment on the how helpful a marmot may or may not be.