Michelin starred Cheese & Wine

There are a lot of nice places to eat and drink in Courchevel; seven restaurants here share eleven Michelin stars between them, with four having been awarded two Michelin stars. Le Chabichou is one of these top places and is the proud holder of two Michelin stars. The hotel was opened in 1962 by Michel Rochedy with its restaurant receiving its first Michelin star in 1979 and its second in 1984. Whilst visiting the restaurant may be prohibitively expensive for most of us (€14,000 for a bottle of Burgundy anyone?), Ski Total have been lucky enough to set up a very reasonable Cheese and Wine tasting with this prestigious place. Last week, I managed to wangle a place on the tasting which offers a unique insight into the hotel itself and into the wine of the Savoie region.


We were met by the sommelier, Isabel, a native French-Canadian from Montreal who is now in the second year of her wine internship, and taken down to the Chabichou cellar. A terracotta brick lined room at a constant temperature of 12C, lined with dusty bottles and magnums of champagne, it is certainly an atmospheric place to host the evening. Waiting for us down there were five different wines (two whites and three reds), and a selection of local cheeses and cured meats to try alongside them. The first wine was very fresh and light, extremely easy to drink and Isabel explained was very good as an aperitif but wouldn’t stand up to any food. Isabel continued to explain each wine and point out where they were from, it was also very interesting to have an insight into her training and the day to day life of the Chabichou. We then moved onto the next white which was a bit smokier and stronger with much more about it; I think this was my favourite wine of the evening.  We moved onto the reds, but with such generous measures for the ‘tasting’, it now all becomes a bit blurry! Safe to say, they were delicious.


We finished off with a tour of the cellar having a good look around the different shelves and bottles. The only thing that seemed slightly out of place against the Grey Goose and the Veuve Clicquot, was the bottle of Jaegermeister. But then I remembered that we are in the Alps and everyone here does love a Jaeger!

This tasting runs every Thursday from 5:30pm for around an hour. Places are strictly limited to 12 people, so if you’re coming to Courchevel and fancy joining in, please express your interest as soon as possible after you arrive to avoid missing out.



Words – Ruth Howarth

Courchevel Resort Manager