Méribel Valley Rally

Two little words, one big impact. University trips know about it, seasonaires won’t miss it and holiday makers can’t wait for it. This year don your crazy costumes because Méribel is getting ready for the only thing you need to know about. You’ve guessed it… THE MERIBEL VALLEY RALLY!

If you’ve done it, you know it’s a must. If you’ve never experienced it, here’s what you need to know.

Each year Ski Total fly thousands of guest to the Alps and our ambition is that you go home with plenty of fantastic memories, hilarious photos and entertaining stories. So have no fear, this season we’ve got it covered! This year your Méribel Representatives have newly revamped the Valley Rally.

The aim of the game is this: you have a map, you get a list of challenges and the outcome is rather unpredictable. Grab your friends, family or new chalet pals because as a team you will be competing against other Ski Total guests (after coming up with a brill team name, obviously!) You will traverse the Méribel ski area with the goal of completing more challenges than the next team all for Gloating Rights and the chance to win an amazing prize.

Meribel Valley Rally

So, what will you need I hear you ask? Firstly, you know that fancy dress outfit you wore to a party a few years back… Where is it?! Get it in your suitcase. We’ve had guests dressed as the Super Mario crew; a wedding party (vicar included), the four Power Rangers, a convent of Nuns, a spandex of Superheroes, a blaze of Dragons, many a Pokémon, a whole Penguinery of Penguins and the cast of Game of Thrones. So if you think your outfit is too embarrassing, I assure you it is not.

Secondly, a fair bit of stamina and a good sense of humour. The only way you stand to win this foolish day is by going all out and getting stuck in! Humiliation and laughs will be in fair supply… you can expect some blushed faces and not just from your team members. Fellow skiers will double take as you go by and some will even get involved – the gondolas will no longer be a quiet ride to the peak. Plus have you ever considered the technical difficulties of a ski Conga line?!

Meribel Valley Rally

And lastly, some serious dance skills. Getting onto those tables in La Folie Douce isn’t the easiest task, but factor in restrictive clothing and you’ve got yourself into a tricky situation. But if those guys in sequins, 6 inch heels and a saxophone can do it, I have every faith that you can too! No ski trip is complete without some afternoon aprés and in Méribel. Raise your hands to live bands, pour pitchers of beer and swivel around in your ski boots because this Valley Rally is going to take you to the most buzzing piste bars.

Folie Douce YouTube

Image courtesy of YouTube

We’ve got all the craziness planned and now we’re just waiting for you! Share the laughs and let the good times live on as your social media explodes with retweets of your snaps and selfies. Let your hair down and bring on Winter 15/16!

We will explain all the rules when you get here, but make sure you have plumbed into your phone the only hashtag you will need this holiday #SkiTotalMeribelValleyRally