Love in Les Arcs

Romantics things to do in Les Arcs this Valentines…

There is nothing better than being whisked away on a romantic getaway with your other half. The excitement of packing your bags and knowing you’re going to have the opportunity to escape the manic rush of everyday life and just enjoy one another’s company…and if we are being honest, nothing creates a romantic backdrop quite like the natural beauty of snowy mountains. Forget the cliché of red roses and proposal pics in front of the Eiffel tower. Instead, picture walking arm in arm with your other half, through a beautiful alpine village, whilst delicate snowflakes dance around you and fairy lights twinkle from the rooftops. If that sounds like your cup of tea, then there is no need to look any further..

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Ski Total | pink skies and perfect snow in Les Arcs

We would like to welcome you to Les Arcs ski resort in the Alps.

Possibly one of the most beautiful destinations for mountain views and stunning sights, Les Arcs is renowned for it’s great skiing and delicious savoyarde food, which makes it a top choice for a valentines treat. Les Arcs has something to suit the needs of every couple, for instance…

  • Share the best raclette on the mountain at the beautiful Chalet De L’Arc Restaurant – the savoyarde food in Les Arcs is amazing, but Chalet De L’Arc offers the most enjoyable take on the traditional raclette dish. You are provided with a hot box for the table, two small frying pans, a plate full of mixed cheeses and meats, as well as salad and potatoes. You choose the perfect combination of goodies…and then cook it! It is a great date night spot and romantic sharer.

  • Take in the best views on the mountain at the highest point in Les Arcs – take a trip up the Varet buble to the top of the L’Aguile Rouge Run to see the stunning views of the entire mountain. This spot is so perfect that it’s been known to be the place of a wedding proposal or two!

    Ski Total | mountains in Les Arcs

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  • Share a pints worth of hot chocolate – grab two straws at the piste restaurant Enfant Terrible, and share this mountain of whipped cream and chocolate sprinkles. If you fancy, you can even add a shot of warming brandy!

  • Stroll through the beautiful village of 1950 in the evening – take the short cabriolet lift down from Les Arcs 2000 into 1950 and you’ll be in one of the most beautiful alpine villages in the alps. Discover this totally ski in ski out, toy town with it’s glistening lights, burning fire pit in the snow and plentiful bars and restaurants. There is no prettier more romantic place to visit in the evening.

  • Stop and have a chalice of beer at the piste side restaurant – the lovely Luigi restaurant in 1950, positioned right next to the piste is a lovely place to stop for an afternoon Afligen beer served in challis glasses. It’s also the perfect place to people watch with your partner and take in the mountain environment.

  • Have a sunset Ski – ski down from the restaurant ‘the Arpette’ to Les Arcs 1600 and 1800 (there is bus access back up to 2000), and take in the most amazing views of the piste turning red and orange. The empty pistes and sunset lighting will provide the most romantic setting ever.

  • Snowball fight through the trees – Peisey-Les Arcs offers some of the most beautiful tree runs, the perfect place for an on skis or on foot snowball fight with your other half!

  • Bum board down the empty pistes at the end of the day – Les Arcs 2000 offers an easy green run to walk up /bum board down in the evening when the pistes close at 4:30pm. Embrace your inner child and enjoy the thrill of racing down! (every couple needs a bit of healthy competition)

  • Share a delicious desert from the 1950 Patisserie – who can resist the French patisserie cakes, tarts and treats? Take a quick trip down to 1950 and stop in the little patisserie to pick up a selection of amazing cakes and tart au frambroise to share with your other half. You’ll have as much fun choosing them as you will eating them!

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    Ski Total | gondola in Les Arcs

    As you can see, Les Arcs has so much to offer for that romantic holiday destination.. So treat your other half this Valentines to some snow! and don’t forget to check out our #SkiTotalValentines blog here!