Live bands in the Three Valleys

Courchevel may be well known for its glitz and glamour, however the variety of live band events in some of Courchevel’s most atmospheric and enjoyable bars are extensive. Bring your Sisters, Firekind and Dominos are to name a few that attract seasonaires, holidaymakers and locals throughout the 3 valleys every day of the week. Everyone loves a good session of après after a long day on the slopes; dancing in your ski boots, (which is a talent for sure), goggles still on your head and a jug of beer in your hand, made even better with some accompanying live music to enjoy. Dancing, lasers, crowd surfing, chanting and lots of drinks spilling everywhere, everyone loves a good set of live music and there is always that “one last song!” chant at the end, what a fantastic atmosphere to be part of.

The most sought after group in the Alps play throughout the week touring the different villages, so grab a pint, pull up your ski pants and dance like there’s no tomorrow, Bring your Sisters are here! With their Irish charm, ability to rap Eminem in a perfect Geordie Accent and Stevie with his multiple talents of singing/guitaring/playing piano/drumming, the crowd goes crazy with excitement and pure enjoyment. Crowd surfing, conga lines, toffee vodka, lots of topless dancing and endless songs to sing along to, they really offer some of the best nights in the 3 valleys; a perfect ending to a day on the slopes. Bring Your Sisters play in Les Courchevel in La Praz on Tuesday, the Meribar in Meribel centre on Wednesday, and they alternate between the Ski Lodge in La Tania and Funxy Fox in Courchevel 1650 every Thursday so do come along and join in on the fun!

Bring your sisters

Firekind; a 3 piece modern rock band, fusing soaring guitar with powerhouse vocals, voted best new band in 2013 and winner of Global Battle of the Bands, these guys are really a true talent and provide an amazing show. Performing at Meribel’s famous Jacks Bar every Tuesday and at Courchevel 1650s Le Bubble bar every Thursday, they attract fans from around the 3 valleys. Pure talent and a passion for what they do, they create an amazing and electric atmosphere for everyone to enjoy! Come and join the party!


With incredible lead vocals from Natasha Lusted, guitar, bass and backing vocals from Stu and Nick and with Alex on drums, The Dominos gather the crowd with their renditions of classic songs, you can’t help but dance and sing along to these guys; they create an incredible enjoyable atmosphere, perfect for everyone. You can dance on the tables to their show at Meribel’s famous Rond Point on Fridays or join the crowd inside with lights and lasers at Courchevel 1650’s Funky Fox every alternate Thursday.

The Dominos

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Words Lydia Garde

Courchevel Resort Representative