Lech Snow Report 12/03/2013

Here is the latest snow report from our team in Lech

There is 230cm of snow at the top of the Lech ski area with 110cm of snow in resort. The last snowfall was on  11th March with around 6cm falling.

There are 89% of pistes open in the Lech ski area with 100% ski lifts open.

From Wednesday through to Friday we are due to have the temperature dropping and the snowfall rising in the Arlberg. It is said to be anticipated to come down in the bucket loads!

Snow is falling all around the Arlberg this week and topping up the mountain with fresh powder. This is creating some amazing new off piste to experience and fantastic conditions on piste. It is a complete change from the never ending clear skies we have had but with layers of snow falling, you can’t get much better than this! The pisten bullys are working their hardest to ensure that the mountain is in top form for you to all enjoy!

Wednesday 13th March– Lech ski lifts discovery tour!  Between 15:00 and 17:00 at the Weibermahdbahn you can learn all about the behind-the-scenes action of a working ski-lift. You will be accompanied on skis to visit a cable-car installation, a snow-grooming vehicle and a snow-making facility. Some amazing sights to behold!


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