Keep those extremities Warm and Dry

Whether you are new to skiing or an old hand at the sport, the simple fact of the matter is that when it gets cold and wet, you end up getting miserable. Yes, the adrenalin kicks in, but often you find that you can’t concentrate, and this is when mistakes happen.

So, to combat this, think about the possibilities of windproof, waterproof, close fitting, breathable socks, hats and gloves. Keep those extremities warm and dry, so you can enjoy your time on the slopes to the max.

So… Tell me about this Waterproof Gear?

I hear you ask! So… without further ado, here’s the lowdown. There are several companies making waterproof socks, hats and gloves, but one of the oldest and most trusted manufacturers is the UK company, Sealskinz. Sealskinz products are set apart from their rivals, in that they work. Not just work, but work really well! And in a variety of applications.

A pair of Sealskinz gloves will keep your hands dry, and, due to their unique properties will help maintain your body temperature to stop you getting too hot or too cold. This is a real bonus when skiing or taking part in any other winter sports as the fluctuations in temperature is one of the biggest problems that you’ll have to overcome.

The socks and hats work in a similar way, and are perfect for both skiing and apres ski time too. If you’re out and about in your resort, then you need to keep warm and dry. A perfect way to do this is to make sure the snow doesn’t make your hands, feet and head wet.

For the slopes we can recommend Sealskinz Winter Gloves, which have been designed for colder conditions (Arctic Explorers use them), are 100% waterproof and have a leather palm – perfect for gripping a pair poles. If it’s really cold, try a pair of Thermal Liners for extra warmth. An alternative to the Winter Gloves is the Winter Mittens, which are designed for comfort and have extended cuffs to keep your forearms toasty warm too.

Back in resort, (For Apres Ski time,) try the Sealskinz Mid Thermal Socks, these and a pair of Timberland style boots will keep your feet warm and dry. On your head, try a Waterproof Beanie Hat to keep your head warm, dry and toasty when your nipping between restaurants, bars, clubs and your chalet. On your hands, you could wear the Outdoor Gloves, which are waterproof and windproof, and should keep your hands warm and dry, even if an impromptu snowball fight breaks out in the wee hours of the morning…


It’s really important that you make sure your body temperature is kept up. If you get cold, then your concentration can dwindle, and this is when accidents happen. Keep warm, Keep dry, keep safe, and Have Fun!

Author Bio: Written by Amelia Vargo on behalf of Sealskinz, manufacturers of waterproof, windproof and closefitting hats, socks and gloves. You can buy waterproof gloves, hats or socks direct from Sealskinz.