Introducing Avoriaz!


Hi all, this is the resort representative for Ski Total working in Avoriaz, France this year. I would just like to welcome you all to my monthly blog post which will keep you up to date and informed with the latest goings on from in and around the resort.

I should probably start by explaining my current ski experience… zero. A few friends of mine have done a season before, which was the main driving force behind my decision to head to the mountains, as the stories of parties, socialising and of course the slopes drove me mad with jealousy. I hope this blog will be a push in the right direction for any readers who currently need that extra motivation to slip on your boots and join me in the Alps.


For those of you who haven’t been fortunate enough to visit this little gem of a resort let me tell you a little bit about it. Built in the 60’s by skiers for skiers everything here is tailored to the sport. Built directly on the pistes at 1800m, you are never more than a short walk away from the lifts, no cars are allowed during winter and everything is accessible by ski. This allows you the luxury of strapping on your skis/snowboard and zipping around town straight from your door. Although it seems small there is so much for everyone to do with a lively nightlife and over 650 km of runs in the surrounding mountains.


If nightlife is a major part of ski-life and Avoriaz packs quite a punch with over 40 licensed premises, a large courtyard of late night bars, and one quirky dungeon of a nightclub called Le Yak, where the doors close at 5am.

Avoriaz by night

Festival wise, we have just had a large emigration of over 2000 university students for the week, as the slopes filled for Transition. This relatively new festival is the sister to Snow Bombing, the largest and most popular winter festival around, luckily for us the younger sibling has proved to be just as fruitful, bringing in some of the UK’s largest house DJ’s, the resort has been going off on a large scale. Things couldn’t have started in a more bonkers style, as we were invited to come dance with the man Dizzie Rascal himself, I think most people’s holiday went off with a bang. The fun however doesn’t look to be slowing down any time soon as 2 subsequent festivals are to follow in the Spring, Snowboxx and Rock the Pistes, all I can say is thank the Lord we’re not staying in a tent!

I should hope that I’ve wet your appetites enough for my next instalment, where I’ll be describing some of the experiences that I have had, and probably more entertaining for you my falls, and injuries getting to grips with a snowboard.

See you next time!