How we hire the staff who cook your chalet food

Alongside our sister companies Esprit Ski and Inghams we are pioneering a new way of assessing candidates before hiring our chalet staff for the Ski season.

Having taken on board suggestions from our guests and taking advantage of our relocation to a new office building we have developed our own in house kitchens that we use to asses the cooking abilities of potential recruiters. We believe that your meals are an important part of your holiday and we want to make sure that the people we hire are capable of delivering the level of service we expect when it comes to chalet food.

In the video below Moira Clarke of Ski Total, Head of Marketing, talks to James Cove of PlanetSki about how important quality is when it comes to Chalet food and how the experience of dining in chalets has improved over the years. Our custom design kitchens allow us to make sure that we continue to offer excellent chalet food by filtering out the candidates who are not able to meet our standards.


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