Hidden gems of Val Thorens

When staying in a ski resort for an extended amount of time you start to find ‘hidden gems’ that only locals and seasonaires really know about. This seasonaire knowledge can be like gold dust and knowing this insider knowledge can really help make your ski holiday one to remember.

Below are two ‘Gems’ that may just make your Val Thorens ski holiday that extra bit special.


Orelle is in the heart of the Maurienne valley and is described as the ‘fourth valley’. It is covered with both the Three valley and local Val Thorens ski pass.

Imagine waking up, opening the curtains and seeing a bright blue bird sky after a long night of constant snow. Is there not just one thing on your mind? – off piste powder?

If this is the case than there is no better place than to head over to Orelle. It has open bowly fields just under the Bouchet and Peyron lifts that are perfect for cruising and are a great choice for the intermediate skier looking to practice off piste techinique. If you are feeling a little more daring and are that bit more experienced than head over the back of the mountain just as you come off the top of the bouchet lift- Here you will be met with a short steep decent before being confronted with a huge valley and endless powder fields- but be careful to keep up speed at the bottom or you will have a long walk back to the piste.

Hidden gem powder runs in yellow:

Ski Total | Orelle off piste run

Cafe Snesko

As if by magic, walking through the doors of cafe Snesko after a day on the slopes takes you into a different world. The world of beer, singing, dancing and Danish snaps-the Scandinavians sure know how to party.

Cafe Snesko may look like an overcrowded steam room from the outside, but it is a seasonaire favourite for a reason! The bar from 5:00pm is never empty, its atmosphere is infectious and you are guaranteed to leave with a smile.

If festive staff, a friendly crowd, dancing on tables and the touching of glasses sounds like your idea of fun then this is the après ski bar for you. Skal! (cheers)

Ski Total | Cafe Snesko

These hidden gems have been chosen by the people who live in the resort winter after winter-the seasonaires. Here at Ski Total we hope by sharing these gems with you that they will make your holiday that extra bit special.

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