Helmet camera or goggle camera?

If you’ve been out on the slopes in the last few years you will have no doubt come across the skiers and boarders wearing helmet mounted cameras. The footage that you can get from these cameras is amazing as the point of view filming allows you to experience your ski trip all over again. The most popular camera on the market seems to be the Go Pro series but could this change?

Liquid Image have launched a pair of goggles with the camera built into the frames. This means that there are no more bulky camera mounts to attach to your helmet or costly chest harnesses. The integral camera is HD, wide angle and the operation buttons are mounted on the side of the goggles for easy access.

There are some limitations to the goggle style camera compared to the externally mounted style cameras. There is no option to attach them to anything else, such as ski poles, for different types of footage. The external mounted cameras can be used for other sports or activities. Depending on what you plan to use them for these may not be limitations though.

Prices for the camera goggles are around the £250 mark (firebox.com) and for a Go Pro HD kit £200 (actioncameras.co.uk)


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