Getting Fit for Winter with Godalming Fitness


Here at Ski Total, we’re mad about the upcoming winter season. Summer is over, Autumn is dragging and we genuinely can’t wait for that first day on the slopes, fresh powder under our skis or snowboard and a blue sky overhead. With reports coming in that the first snow has fallen across the Alps, even though it’s only September, we’re thinking ahead to how we can make the most of our ski holidays in Winter 15/16. If the radio can broadcast Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas” already, then we can prepare ourselves physically for the upcoming season.


Personal Trainer Leroux takes Ski Total’s Adam through the exercises

We’ve teamed up with Godalming Fitness to bring you a short series of videos designed to help you recover the muscle strength that you might have misplaced since last winter. We put two of our team through their paces making the videos, and stretching afterwards is certainly recommended.


Leroux Matt
Name: Leroux De Villiers
Sport: Snowboarding
Name: Matt Dean
Sport: Skiing


Check out our ski/snowboard fitness videos!

Depending on your chosen discipline, some videos might be more beneficial than others, but below you can see the full range of Godalming Fitness and Ski Total, “Getting Fit for Winter – Skiing” and “Getting Fit for Winter – Snowboarding” videos.

If you are local to Godalming, then get yourself down to Godalming Fitness ahead of your Winter 2015/16 adventure. Make the most of your holiday by building up the relevant strength. Remember, ask for Leroux or Matt and they can help you with increasing your muscular endurance & strength, as well as your cardiovascular fitness.





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