Five reasons why Valentine’s Day will be amazing in Ischgl

Whether you have a new love interest you want to impress or a partner you want to try something new with, Ischgl is the place to be this February. Sure, using your free whole chicken voucher on your Nando’s loyalty card for your date is nothing short of romantic. Similarly, sitting down to a Chinese from your local takeaway to a double bill of Corrie is bound to blow their socks off. But, if you are looking for some naked skin above the ankles, adrenaline, top class hotel facilities, mind-blowing food, a bustling nightlife and a room with a view other than your unkempt garden that you never got round to mowing last July; Ischgl is your perfect getaway.


Still not convinced? Well close the viral cat videos on Youtube, drop the candy crush, stop stalking Mandy Stirlinson’s holiday album ‘Lake District 2009’ on Facebook, and let us explain how a Ski Total holiday to Ischgl will transform your Valentines day this year.


We’ve got it covered

We take the hassle out of ski holidays. Whether you decide to stay at the Chalet Zita, Chalet Extra Belmonte or our Platinum Chalet Hotel, the Abendrot, your every need will be catered for.

Once you arrive at the airport you will be greeted by one of our friendly reps who will take you back to your hotel on a pre-arranged transfer. On board, the reps can arrange your lift pass, ski lessons and assist with ski hire meaning you’ll be ready for first lifts in no time.

Furthermore, we realise that an important part of skiing is looking cool, calm and composed. Especially when you’re trying to impress that special someone. You want to be confident and take your date on the perfect sexy James Bond adventure in the Alps, the kind of adventure that makes Casino Royale look like a children’s tea party. However, not all of us have the same intense connection with nature as Bear Grylls and may find map reading as hard as Joey Essex would find the nine times table. Fear not, our reps run a Social Ski three times a week and can point you in the right direction. They can show you some of their favourite routes with the most powder as well as the perfect location for your holiday selfie. Social Ski is also a great place to meet new people (maybe even new love interests if you discover something game-changing about your partner, like a disgusting love for olives – a real deal-breaker for any relationship).


Wining and dining made easy

Resort Manager Sampling some Vino
They say the way to a person’s heart is through their stomach. So don’t mess up what could be your only chance of happiness by cooking your Nana Sadie’s questionable chicken pie recipe. Let us do the hard work and you can kick back while our chefs rustle up something delicious.


On a Ski Total holiday you are treated to a selection of courses every night, including canapés, after-dinner cheeses and unlimited chalet wine. There’s no need to be sat feeling sheepish after your microwavable chocolate pudding didn’t turn out like it did on the package. Everything we cook is home made and DELICIOUS. Aitor’s oriental duck, fish pie and mushroom linguine are all a real must. If you want something other than wine our bartenders at the Belmonte and Abendrot are sure to rustle up a sophisticated cocktail.



Romancing in the Alps

For valentines blog
Image courtesy of Emily Steffen

Is there anything more romantic than a snotty nose on a chair lift? Or going in for the perfect spontaneous kiss only to be stopped by your goggles banging? Okay, so getting intimate on the mountain might be difficult, but it’s certainly not hard to be romantic. The snow, the blue sky, lunch on the mountain with a breath-taking view – this is the stuff rom-coms are made of.

Ischgl is nothing short of a winter wonderland. With 45 ski lifts and a 238km of piste to play on in Austria, Ischgl makes Elsa, Olaf and Aria’s beloved ‘Arendelle’ look like a hovel. Skiing is also a great activity to do with your loved one. It certainly teaches you a lot about their endurance, patience, and ability to work under pressure and make snap decisions. These are all key skills your ideal partner should have. If they can’t get down a red run without having a strop then they certainly won’t be able to cook Christmas dinner calmly for your entire crazy family. They won’t be able to keep their cool when the oven breaks. They won’t be understanding when you forget to pick up the groceries after work. And they certainly won’t be able to haggle diplomatically over an out of date coupon with the cashier in Asda – a lifetime of paying £1.10 for peas rather than £1.00 is bound to put a strain on any relationship.


Array of Activities

Not one for skiing? There are a number of other activities you could do in Ischgl with your loved one. You could go for a romantic ice skate, see the reindeer in Galtur or do some mario-kart style tobogan racing. You can also go for a swim, play a game of squash or form your own netball team if you’re into that sort of thing. Ischgl has something for everyone and even if you happen to be mind-numbingly dull, we guarantee you can dupe your partner into thinking you have some form of personality with these interesting activities.


The Nightlife

Head chef Aitor captures an incredible Ischgl at night!
Ischgl is perhaps most famous for its bustling Apres and vibrant nightlife. There are a number of bars you can frequent with your date. Whether you want to have a sophisticated cocktail at Kiwi or dance topless on a pole surrounded by exotic dancers we have something for every couple’s needs. You can find a string of Apres bars just near the Fimba lift. We also have an English pub, a champagne bar and even a Pacha night club. The staff favourite bar is Kuhstall, which literally translates as the ‘cow shed’ — romance is always brewing in the cow shed. Couples rock out in their sweaty sallopettes, attempting to drop it like it’s hot in ski boots. Once you’ve danced the night away you can share one of the bar’s infamous kebabs, while looking lovingly into each other’s eyes.

In short, Ischgl has something for everyone this February. With a fantastic nightlife, amazing skiing, beautiful hotels and delicious food it’s hard to be disappointed. So you will be glad you took the plunge by taking your partner somewhere special, upgrading from the card factory Valentine’s Day card. Show your partner how much they mean to you with a fantastic holiday, life-long memories and cracking selfies.