Why you will love easter skiing!

The secret is out, it is now becoming a well known fact that Easter is one of the best times to head to the mountains and get your snow fix. Don’t believe me? Let’s see if I can persuade you otherwise…

With clear skies and sunshine, you will be able to see as far as the eye can see, enabling you to take your lift pass and explore; planning your routes from the mountain, to the restaurant and welcoming deck chair! Although you can relax in the warm spring sunshine, it is important to remember your sun cream, unless of course, you would like to prove to everyone at home that you’ve done a spot of Easter skiing and would like to proudly display your goggle mark tan lines.

Ski Total | deck chairs Top of the solaise val d'Isère
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Who isn’t happy when the sun is shining? Nobody in the mountains! You’ll never find a grumpy person on the mountain; the instructors are happy, the guests are happy, even the lifties occasionally smile when the sun is shining! This also means that the lift queues are much more polite than you’d find in the depths of winter, as people are much more patient when they’re enjoying just standing around and basking in the beauty of the Easter time period. The sunnier, warmer conditions also make it much more enjoyable for the beginner skiers. It’s already hard enough trying to learn to ski without battling numb fingers and toes at the same time! With all of the extra daylight that we can enjoy slightly later on in the season the ski lifts stay open that little bit later as well, so it really does feel that you are able to make the most of your lift pass.

Ski Total | Jumping for joy at Palinkopf view

Another major reason to consider taking your ski holiday in April is that your in resort team are now well acclimatised and are running a well-oiled machine. You’ll feel safe and cosy in the capable hands of your chalet hosts, confident in the knowledge and support of your representatives and utterly carefree knowing that they’re there to take care of everything for you. Don’t forget to pick their brains if you would like to know anything to get you ready for the day; a restaurant with an outside terrace with a beautiful view for lunch perhaps, or maybe the best place to sip a glass of chilled wine and watch the sun set?!

Ski Total | Blue 5 in beautiful sonnenkopf

Skiing holidays are renowned for being tricky to get all of your equipment stashed into that pesky 20kg luggage weight limit for travel. Another benefit of Easter skiing? Less layers, lighter ski jackets, no need for thermoses or hand warmers, just remember to pop in plenty of sun cream!

Finally, who doesn’t love Easter? Lots of ski resorts will have different kinds of events and challenges dotted around the resort throughout the Easter period, for instance; on piste Easter egg hunts in the evening, themed tobogganing runs, fund raising events with live entertainment and my personal favourite, throughout the day Easter egg hunts on Gondola and chair lifts! Who doesn’t LOVE free chocolate?

With all of this in mind, what are you waiting for? Get your last minute deals booked now and come and spend Easter in the mountains!