Courchevel Snow Report 26/02/2013

Here is the latest snow report from our team in Courchevel

There is 206cm of snow at the top of the Courchevel ski area with 150cm of snow in resort. The last snowfall was on Sunday with 12cm of fresh snow falling.

There are 116 of the 119 pistes open in Courchevel with 52 of the 57 ski lifts also open.

Now for the latest installment from our skier poet Jack Pinnock

Mid-season tiredness? In search of activities to rest aching muscles and joints? How about a gentle luge… Primed and ready on the start line, screams from people taking the first corner just out of sight behind the trees alluded to the carnage awaiting us. Giggling nervous excitement, similar to the first ski of the season all those months ago – and they’re off! Within 10 seconds the leader lost control and veered across the track, cutting everybody else up, plastic sledges strewn amongst the maniacal laughing of dismounted riders. The thrill of the chase; seeing who dared brake last into the corners; feeling like you’ve bitten into an adrenaline flavoured ice cream as snow flies up into your exposed teeth as you are unable to stop smiling. The 1.7km track eventually spat us out in Courchevel 1550, covered in snow and delirious from laughter. So much fun, we might never ski again. (Hyperbole aside, with sun forecast for the rest of the week and temperatures rising, we will probably ski quite a lot, with the luge a firm fixture for the next white out day. Can’t wait.)


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