Courchevel snow report 18.01.2013

Here is the latest snow report from our team in Courchevel.

There is 169cm of snow at the top of the Courchevel ski area with 116cm in resort. The last snowfall was on Monday when 6cm came down.

There are 116 runs open here in Courchevel with 50 of the 57 ski lifts open and working.

The weather for the next three day is forecast as alternating cloud and sun.

What does Courchevel have in common with the international bird of happiness? I don’t know when or why the term ‘bluebird’ entered skiing vernacular – was it due to the similar colour of the sky and the bird’s proud and unnaturally coloured coat? Does the lesser spotted Alpine bluebird fly only on clear, sunny days? Does the spotting of a bluebird evoke the same rush in a twitcher as a skier drawing back the curtains on a pristine, glorious valley, justifying the somewhat grand title of ‘international bird of happiness’? – who knows, and who cares. Skiing this week in Courchevel has been bitterly cold but with untracked powder across the Three Valleys and a dogged January sun vanquishing the pessimistic forecasts of the weekend, this has been another great skiing week. With the temperature forecast to rise, next week could be even better – see you again Bluebird, old friend.