Courchevel Snow Report, 16 Mar 2010

SkierSnow depths are 111cm at 1850m and 125cm at 2700m.

The weather has been absolutely gorgeous for the past week except yesterday. But yesterday was a timely reminder that it isn’t all sunshine in Courchevel. We woke up to a fairly serious snow shower, only around 3cm but snow which did an amazing job at preparing the slopes for an excellent day’s skiing.

After poor visibility early on the sun and the clouds soon started a day long fight to see if the sun could break through to the valley, and although it only succeeded for short periods yesterday, this morning it is out in full force for what promises to be a day of mint condition snow following the snow fall yesterday and the excellent piste-bashing overnight.

Despite the sun, the low temperatures have prevented the snow turning to slush and instead it has maintained its edge with a fine ‘sugar-like’ powder on the surface by the end of the day.

Sun and clouds are forecast for the next few days with a little snow on Wednesday afternoon if we are lucky. Temperatures are set to remain low.

Today sees a guided tour of the ‘Dali au Sommet’ exhibition, showing off many of Dali’s works all around resort.

There is a free Jazz concert on Wednesday night up in 1850 and if you are lucky you might sneak a peek of Prince William who is rumoured to be in the resort with his girlfriend!