Courchevel Snow Report 08/03/2013

Here is the latest snow report from our team in Courchevel

There is 186cm of snow at the top of the Courchevel ski area with 132cm of snow in resort. The last snowfall was on  24th Feb with around 12cm falling.

There are 95 out of 119 of pistes open in the Courchevel ski area with 56 out of 71 ski lifts open.

What is this strange substance falling from the sky? Cold, white, fluffy, a vague memory of white out days past… Snow! Like the Pevensies stepping into the wardrobe, we are again lost in a winter wonderland, albeit managed by the good people at S3V (the lift operators) rather than the White Witch and her cruel endless winter. Sadly, Courchevel won’t need a talking lion and an epic ‘good vs evil’ battle to bring on spring, but this week’s snow forecast should at least keep icy and, heaven forbid, grassy patches at bay for a while longer. If it were possible all seasonnaires would eat their own bodyweight in Turkish Delight to try and extend the season, but as we are not in Narnia we will just carry on looking up at the sky and being thankful for what we already have.


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