Courchevel Snow Report 01/03/2013

Here is the latest snow report from our team in Courchevel

There is 206cm of snow at the top of the Courchevel ski area with 146cm of snow in resort. The last snowfall was on  24th Feb with around 2cm falling.

There are 95 out of 119 of pistes open in the Courchevel ski area with 56 out of 71 ski lifts open.

In order make the vast whiteness of the Trois Vallées a bit more manageable, a challenge called the ‘Escapades’ was introduced with 18 checkpoints across the range designed to be hit over a week, leading guests to areas which might otherwise seem too far afield. However, for the brave [foolish], it is possible to complete the Escapades in one grueling day. 85km, the most easterly and westerly points, highest and lowest, and everything in between it seemed, were so close to being completed. If only my punctually-defunct housemate hadn’t inexplicably insisted on having a shower just as lifts opened. The lost quarter of an hour cost us dear, as the Escapades slipped away by a matter of minutes, our aching legs and blistered feet ultimately in vain. However, despite the crushing failure and emptiness the team feel now, we can take solace in the fact that our housemate began the day all fresh and spruced up… A comforting thought indeed.


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