Courchevel ski area 29.01.2013

Here is the latest snow report from our team in Courchevel

There is 180cm of snow at the top of the Courchevel ski area with 129cm of snow in resort. The last snowfall was yesterday and saw an amazing 20cm come down.

95 of the 119 runs are open in Courchevel with 54 of the 71 lifts open too.

The forecast for the next three days is for around 18cm of snow to fall in Courchevel.

Now for the latest installment from our skier poet Jack Pinnock

Yesterday was probably the best day skiing we have had in Courchevel for a little while. The resort pulled back the curtains, collectively wishing the forecast to have been good and true: powder overnight with all cloud dispersing before dawn, like Father Christmas dropping off presents, eating mince pies and silently going on his merry way. And lo, so it was! Adults turned children rushed children through breakfast, turned getting dressed into even more of a military operation and headed out with a youthful smirk, itching to open the present which they wished for above anything else. That beautiful morning where on and off piste are in seamless harmony, the trees shimmer and bow under the weight of the snow, everybody leaving their own little mark on the untracked mountain, a palimpsest of winter happiness – if only I hadn’t spent the day in the ski shop with a broken boot. Like the child whose school remains open whilst the siblings are building snowmen in the park, I was devastated. There will be other days like this, won’t there?