Cooking up a storm in the Alps


New menu for the winter season that will be served to guests in our Chalets and Chalet Hotels across Switzerland, France, Austria and Italy. During the winter season they read all the comments and feedback from our guests and staff and consider these when creating a new menu for the following year.

This summer the catering team are high up in the French Alps resort of Alpe d’Huez, a stage on the most recent Tour de France.   Whilst the sun beats down at over 35 degrees outside, the chefs are enclosed in Ski Total’s Chalet Breche, with the shutters closed and arc lights flooding the kitchen, hard at work producing over 100 dishes for our guests to enjoy on their Ski Total ski trip.

Once the recipes have been tested the catering team will start on the production of our recipe book which is given to all of our chalet hosts and chefs at the start of the winter.

Food is a major part of our holidays and we hope that you enjoy the menu put together by our dedicated team. Don’t forget to tell us about your favourite dish when you fill out your feedback form at the end of your holiday.