Confessions of a Ski Tripper Part 5

Confessions of a Ski Tripper is back! This is the final part of Group Copelands blog from their skiing holiday with us in Val Thorens in January 2014. Part 5 is finally here!  Part 1Part 2Part 3 and Part 4 are here in case you missed them.


According to third hand reports the (private) ski school (Skicool!) was very good. 3 – 5 places were booked Monday to Friday – learners stayed all week and intermediates dipped in and out. Very flexible and Fabreeze, Breeze or Bruce, whatever his name was, was much praised by the girls who all came on in leaps and bounds. Bruce was a local lad who’d only got through one wife so far. His hobbies included shouting at skiers going too fast on the blues, fishing, making tea out of local flowers and correcting girl’s postures. As Irish Stew pointed out, he also had lovely eyes. The girls invited Bruce out for a farewell drink on the Friday but in a show of shyness and modesty, he declined. This was very disappointing for the other halves as we all thought a few drinks and a gaze into his infinity pool eyes would make the girls frisky for later. Ho hum. He was probably focusing on the Northern Hen parties, larey girls hanging out of skidoos, with “bunny ears and devil’orns from hell” to quote the Arctics.

ski instructor
The shopping precinct was pretty impressive and indoors – most bases covered including a kids play park and swimming pool. In terms of buying presents it was full of overpriced tat but isn’t everywhere these days – complete waste of time and effort for us tightwad Brits. Not sure how they survive, maybe it’s the crazy Russian money that keeps them going?

A few of the party did the skidoo night – not particularly cheap, safe or warm but in the main was well enjoyed. Tobogganing was widely available and did look great fun but if you’ve got the energy to do that after a full days skiing then you’re probably aged six or under. The ice-carts gloriously priced themselves out of the market – well done guys! 190 Euros for 15 minutes? Errrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr…..Armadillo?

That’s about it chaps! On the way home it was up at 5.30am for a 6.00am coach. It’s the same three hour drive back but honest people are obviously tired by then so it’s a pleasant snooze-fest, punctuated by a breakfast baguette prepared by the superb chalet folk. Geneva airport was dull but efficient and you’re back in Gatwick before you know it.

What makes a good holiday? Venue or company? I always say it’s 10% venue, 90% company but get 10 good people in a Ski Total chalet in Val Thorens and you’ve got the lot.

Damn I loved that holiday.
Damn I love those guys.

It would be nice to do it all again next year but times change, people have kids, people move apart, you can’t predict the future too confidently. But I think it fair to say that the best way to get 10 affluent, well behaved 30 – 40 something back in resort would be to say hey, let’s not just pull a name out of a hat for the free holiday draw, let’s give it to a member of the group who put some effort into their review, edited a fabulous holiday ski movie, took some aesthetically awesome photos, and shared the love of Val Thorens and (Ski Total!!!) and chose not to write on Trip Advisor that one of their party had altitude sickness for most of the week and that walking up a flight of stairs left all of us strangely short of breath.

Peace and Love


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