Confessions of a Ski Tripper Part 4

Group Copeland went skiing with us in Val Thorens in January 2014 and decided to share their experience with the world, right here in our blog! We continue with the blog series Confessions of a Ski Tripper with Part 4.  Part 1, Part 2 or Part 3 are here in case you missed them.


Day 4, 5 and 6 are a bit of a blur really – you know your way around by now without the ski maps and just work the area focusing on your favourites. The blue run from the Peclet bubble lift back into resort was a firm favourite with the blue skiers. For the red skiers, getting over to Orelle was a must do as the red run to the base of the valley (mauriennaise) is just amazing. It sets up as a red skiers Ski Sunday race course and towards the bottom there is a perfectly smooth steep section where personal speed records were broken most days. Records not bones! At the bottom there should be signs saying “Boys – check your apps!” and “Girls – tell your men off for being stupid”. If you fancy a near death experience, it’s the place to go for it – just check the slope is clear before hand – to be fair, as it takes a bit of an effort to get there and it’s often blowing a Hooley at the top of the Orelle pass, there were very few people over there.

Once at the bottom there is a very pleasant blue run lift and get this – if you get off the blue lift and get straight onto the adjacent red run lift which takes you up to another peak, according to the map they are building a zip-wire connection across a valley back into the Val Thorens area. Sounds terrifying and in all likeliness will be but bound to draw thrill-seekers. Orelle is an absolute must!

We actually had a Trois Vallees pass to enable us to get to Courchevel and to be fair we didn’t really do it justice. There was plenty that we missed both in Meribel, Courchevel and indeed below Val Thorens in St Martin de Bellville and Les Menuires. Two weeks is probably needed to do the full pass justice, maybe three to do Courchevel properly – if only skiing for 6 days, the Val Thorens pass is probably sufficient.

In terms of lunch time eateries the 360 bar complex was great – a self-service salad bar, pizza’s, a noodles wok bar, expensive empty restaurants, etc.


In town on the main strip the restaurants all seemed to be very good – give the price list a once over first, obviously but once inside we (as Brits) were made to feel very welcome by our French hosts who were thoroughly cheery and professional throughout. Even when someone’s Calzone was served with a raw egg in it (as chef intended) they took it away and cooked it a little longer!

“Sorry……I’m English”
“Pas de problem Monsieur!”

And it wasn’t.

Only ate out on the one night the chalet boy was off – we ended up taking him and his feisty girl colleague out instead. Damn decent fellows that we are. Our first choice, our Local, L’Auberge des Balcons de Val Thorens suffered a partial power cut which caused no end of problems. Shame really as it all looked good. Irish Warren quickly ran round the corner and checked out La Ferme de Rosalie, which had full power and cheerfully sat us down for a glorious raclette, steak and wine night – tremendous night but skiing the next morning was mentally challenging, oddly. As a side note we managed to squeeze a quick drink in at the spit and sawdust pub next door (which may or may not have been called La Red Fox Pub) for the joy of a rare holiday Guinness. For the record you should stick to the beer as these guys clearly didn’t know how to look after their pipes. There were also no peanuts, pork scratching or chicken itching – it was an outrage!

Whilst on refreshments, a word of warning on the slope café’s drinks pricing policy. If you go to the Supermarche, you can buy 12 large bottles of water for 4.44 Euros. On the slopes, a small bottle costs 3.50 Euros. When the price is announced, you almost feel like turning round, bending over and saying something rather rude!

coopeland 2

Want to read what happens next? The final part will be published right here, next Saturday! In the meantime, why not book your own ski tripping adventure with us. Book online or call us on 01483 791 933.