Confessions Of a Ski Tripper Part 1

This is part 1 of the blog series Confessions of a Ski Tripper, written by Paul Copeland. Group Copeland went skiing with us in Val Thorens in January 2014 and as it just happens, Paul decided to write a blog about his ski holiday experience with us at Ski Total and share it with the world. Honest, witty and full of personality, this blog truly reflects on what a ski holiday is all about and much more.


Up at 3.00am on a Sunday morning for a 5.00am rendezvous with the whole group of ten people at Gatwick South terminal. A five man stag do of the previous year but this time tempered and enhanced by WAGS and girl chums. Why are we up so early? We presume it’s to fit in some afternoon drinking at the other end to make the first day ski more challenging.

It’s hard work but everyone is excited to be there and pleased to be with old friends – a whole week of relationships being further embedded via food and drink excess , sleep deprivation and of course some honest hard skiing.

Cheery sleepy banter enhanced by a Gatwick breakfast experience followed by an easy boarding and short flight to Geneva, Switzerland. A smooth dismount and we’re already on the coach by 10.00 local time. Going too well? Of course it is. Our Rep informs us we are waiting for 2/3 more flights to come in and clear. “No point sitting on the coach – why don’t you stretch your legs and explore the terminal?”

“Explore the terminal.”

We are in the cheap seats on the poor side of Geneva airport. There is no architecture, romance, history or inspiration here. There is a public convenience and a sandwich bar. Some coaches for coach enthusiasts to pore over. We explore for 90 seconds.

We’re down. We’re talking about driving next time. We’re lost, the holiday spirit has been strangled at birth. We’re waiting, doing nothing, looking at a 3 hour coach drive once Edinburgh and Manchester decide to grace us with their presence.

Ribbet collage

But suddenly the baguettes hit the table and bless my sainted trousers they taste good! When in Rome. These boys know how to do baguettes. Hang on, we’re still in Switzerland? Near the border though. Near enough. Then suddenly we’re back on the coach – the latecomers look too tired and pleasant to boo and heckle so we let it lie and whadaya know? You can actually get your legs under the coach seats – the holiday is back on! Phoenix from the flames!

A fairly uneventful but long drive later and we are in resort – some have power napped, some have had to stay awake for the scary hairpin overhanging turns. There are two camps – the ones who think they might skid off a cliff and therefore need to be awake and those who think they might skid of a cliff and therefore would rather sleep through it. Both camps were proved wrong – we’re still alive.


The chalet staff meet and greet us at Chalet Chloe. It’s time for the chalet bedroom land grab. 5 couples, 5 bedrooms, across 2 chalets. It could get messy but doesn’t. We end up with the handy one on the ground floor near the front door and sofa area. 

The chalet is good. It’s roomy, it’s modern enough, it warm enough and the beds are comfy. The views are good, the fridge has some encouraging fresh food in and just down the hall is a sauna / steam room. We’re happy bunnies.

Want to read what happens next? Part 2 will be published right here, next Saturday! In the meantime, why not book your own ski tripping adventure with us. Book online or call us on 01483 791 933.